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Hey, it’s that time of year again, and this time I remembered to follow traditions!  April Fools!  Uber-Thanks to Darrell Stark of Lunchtable for creating such a great guestcomic.  To see me riff on his comic, head out here.


Also, I finally remembered to upload Brian Emling’s great April Fools strip of 2002.  It’s here, in the archives now.  Just something I forgot to do in the move.  I know, that was donkey’s years ago.


I should probably take the time to explain what’s been going on with me in recent times, in case you’ve been wondering about the missed updates and so on and so forth…


As this filler material tried to explain, I am nearing the end of my University course, and have my final exams this month and next month (wish me luck).  Updates may be a bit patchy during these times.  I’ll also be doing less on other pursuits, such as Insult to Injury, the blog I run with David and Graeme, where we braindump our thoughts and reviews about comic books.


I will try to update WUS as often as I’m able.  Take care, and sit up straight when I’m talking to you, dammit!




Jeez, it’s been a while.  For those of you not in the know about why the comic hasn’t been updating, and why I haven’t been around, you can consult a strip I put up yesterday (that didn’t upload on time), which explains it all.


The final result of all of this is that in order to make up for my neglect and the other stuff, which wasn’t actually my fault, there will be two extra comics this week.  That’s right – in addition to today’s comic, there will also be one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.






Erm, hello…  Sorry about the useless filler material on Friday, I was a bit of a mess.  Between an extra class that I don’t usually have, and just generally feeling a bit under the weather, I just couldn’t quite get my act together…  It happens, y’know.  Y’all be cool now, y’hear?




So, design tweekage.  Whaddya think?





You are Vyvyin the punk rocker who loves to smash
things up. You don't need to open a door to use
it. You don't need to worry about your grades.
You have not a care in the world besides
worrying about what next nasty thing your going
to do to Rick and Neil. Also how to get rid of
the shocking hangover you have.

Which Young One's Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla




Naturally, considering this man is a God in my personal pantheon, or something…  Found via The Johnny Bacardi Show.  Cheers!





Arg.  I’m a bit of a mess right now, and I’ve been meaning to put up a lengthy newspost here for ages, so I might as well do it now, or I’ll never get it done.  Also, apologies for the late update today!


First item of business I wish to address is to point out Darrell M. Stark, of Lunchtable Online, did this fanart of WUS.  Cool, eh?


I’ve actually updated the About and Cast pages.  I’m not done with the About page, as I want to add a few things, and I’m curious to know if I should add an FAQ to it.  There aren’t really any Frequently Asked Questions about WUS that spring to mind, but I’m open to suggestions for what people would consider useful stuff to go in one.


Anyone checking the links page will have noticed a link to OverClocked ReMix, a site that offers remixed versions of music from computer games from various platforms, current and obsolete.  I mentioned the site and a few tunes I liked back on my now abandoned blog.  One tune I never got around to linking to was a ReMix by Shion Tanaka from the game Flashback.  Flashback was a game I loved to bits, back in the good ol’ days of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for the international crowd).  Anyway, this tune didn’t really mess with a tune I really liked.  It brought it out more.  And just for hoots and grins, I’ll also mention this version of the theme from Monkey Island.


Hrm, I had a few other things I was going to mention, but I think I’ll leave it for now…





I would just like to point out that Kevin Magpoc has hit the nail on the head with an electric hammering machine.






I just wanted to say a quick apology for the lateness of today’s strip.  I think it was worth it, and hope you like it too.




Hello all,


You may notice a slight change in the link buttons on the left of this text.  Basically, I’d been meaning to link to Lunchtable and Idget for ages, as well as taking down links to comics I’m either bored with, or that I feel there’s no point in linking to (after all, who’s the obscure one:  me or Scary Go Round?).  I am still linking to a few sleeping, possibly dead comics, but that’s only because I hope that they’ll get back in the game.


I’ve tweaked the links page slightly as well.


Those of you who actually bother to check the WUS Asylum Yahoo Group, may have noticed the outbreak of weirdness that happened last week, when the group was flooded by messages urging people to donate money to Islamic, Anti-Jewish causes.  It was very odd, using odd phrases, like “Jewish Nazism”, which is a concept I can’t quite get my head around…  It made me think of that Simpson’s episode with that McBain skit.  You know the one.  “McBain to base! Under attack from Commie-Nazis!”.  Anyway, I deleted it all, and would like to add another apology here to those members of the group who have the messages sent to them.  WUS Asylum is now restricted membership, and only members may post.


Since I’ve abandoned both versions of Held Accountable (and you’ll probably get some recycled short posts here), I’ll simply publicly drool over the Hellboy trailer here.  It’s a very fine comic, and it should be a very fun movie.  Probably better than any other comic movie, for the simple fact that it wasn’t franchised out to a director, it was a director who championed it.  And a very good director at that.  Now, if I can just finish off my collection of Hellboy TPB’s before the new, not-as-good, covers roll of the press… (Fourth article down)


BTW, a small suggestion to Morrowind PC fans – if you get bored, swap out the music MP3’s with your own.  Just copy and rename.  Well, I have to find some way to distract myself from the fact that we won’t be getting Legacy of Kain: Defiance ‘till February…


Well, that’s enough for now.  I’m off to gorge myself on borrowed episodes of CSI and The Sopranos.  Take care all.




“What are we supposed to use – harsh language?”


Sorry I missed Tuesday’s update, but here’s a very special Halloween re-enactment of Aliens.  I’ll try and get this thing back onto a more regular schedule (and not use photo’s on a slow week…well, maybe once more).  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


UPDATE:  Sorry, today’s went up even later than I intended as I was having problems logging in, but you would know that if you checked the group.  Again, sorry.




I know I haven’t been around much late.  Things kind of got on top of me.  Between illness, university and just general worries about the state of this strip, I couldn’t find it in me to get something turned out.  I apologise for not bothering to mention the absence in advance, or even when it was happening, but it really was unplanned.  On the plus side, no computer games factored into this absence.  I’d imagine people wouldn’t be feeling very nicely towards me if I blew this off for something like that.


Anyway, I’m back.  Things resume.  Onward.




Yes, I am aware that I am horribly, horribly late with yesterdays comic.  I dunno what happened.  That’s life, I guess…




Hiya gang!  Sorry about the lack of an update on Tuesday, there was something of an upset in the real world, so I didn’t have the time to do anything.  Well, actually, I suppose I did, but with everything going on, I was slightly distracted.  Plus, my hideous addiction to Morrowind hasn’t helped.  It’s much easier than thinking…or having a real life. 


How in the name of Frank Quitely did I get addicted to a fantasy-themed game?  It seems so wrong to me…  I blame Ian McConville of MacHall for it.  His Mog comic was what kicked all this off.  Well, I suppose Sega have to take the blame too, since they haven’t released Phantasy Star Online to the PC, and the DreamCast servers are dead.  I was missing an addiction in my life…  Well, at least, one that was digital, me being a major comic fiend and all.


Anyway, enough rambling excuses!  Time to buy some comics and play more Morrowind.  Take care all, see you Tuesday!




My God, things are like the fabled summers of my youth around here.  It takes two hours to do anything.  Time is made of molasses, or cream cheese or something, I dunno.  Anyway, consider the slight delay in getting today’s strip up because of the weather.  It’s a poor excuse (well, if it had been a blizzard or superstorm or something, then fine, but because it’s sunny?…).


Also, Jam Master Jackie of We Don’t Get It Either is busy of late, so I finally got my excuse to make her a guestcomic, since I missed doing one for WDGIE’s anniversary.


In conclusion, Morrowind good.




Yeesh, I’m running uber-late with this.  Maybe the hiatus wasn’t such a good idea – I think I’ve forgotten how this business works…  Anyway, due to my lack of functional brainpower, instead of your average WUS you get one of those kind.


Breakpoint City has been celebrating it’s third year, and, being the incredibly generous guy that he is, Brian Emling chose to do so by creating another huge cameo comic.  Now, who could that in the blue uniform be?


(For those not in the know, the other huge cameo comic can be found here)


I meant to do one to send him a guest comic in time for the celebrations, but I didn’t.  I made one last night, which is another reason why WUS is late today…  Anyway: My BPC Comic, which is a “thank you” allowing Grant to appear in BPC.  Brian Emling, ladies and jellybeans, nicest cartoonist this side of the anit-matter universe…  Don’t ask.




Apologies.  It’s been a while since I did any news, mostly dropping the occasional comment into the Yahoo Group instead, so I’m sorry if you hadn’t looked there on the days where I had been late.


So, it won’t have escaped your attention that I’ve been a bit late with most updates, and I even missed one last week.  To be honest, I’ve been kind of burned out with real life stuff of recently, and I need a chance to catch my breath.  There’s loads of stuff I meant to do here and for my new Blog (more on that another time).  Instead, I’ve got nothing done (well, nothing you’d know of), and have turned into a big, exhausted mess.


I just need some time to think.


So, this time next week I should have completed sorting myself out, and will resume running this littler corner of the web.


I’m still reachable by mail or by the group, so if you need to get in touch, it’s ok.


Take care, and I’ll be back before you know it.





He was good, as dinobeasts go, and as dinobeasts go, he went.  School’s out kiddies, time to get aimless for summer.  Any comments on that mad action interlude can go to the usual addresses.





I am a very busy man, I am.  I’ve been working on this story.  I’ve been neglecting Held Accountable, but I’m working on it.  I’ve been working at my job.  I’ve been doing stuff for Uni.


I’ve added a couple of webcomics which I’ve been enjoying to the links page.  The first is Dana Calvert’s Minimum Security High School (or MSHS as it seems to be preferred to be called, which is confusing because I couldn’t remember if it was Minimum or Maximum).  The second is McVille by Tom McLean.  One has a guy with an axe in his head; the other has a rabid wolverine stalking the corridors.  I’ll let you find you which for yourselves.





I’ve been mildly neglectful of doing these newsposts, and there are a few things I’d been meaning to mention lately…  Except that I’ve been working on a kind of online journal thingie, which I call Held Accountable.  Yes, I know, it’s my old Geocities site - don’t hate me for it.





Yet more real life inspired fun.  Again, these are real slogans that were on campus in November, although, after digging out an article in the student newspaper, I realised that I messed up the first one, since I was working from memory.  The actual graffiti read “Are You Pregnant With Abortion Or Mental Menopause”.  The funniest one, which I will not attempt to mimic, since it won’t come off what I’m trying to do, was a pitiful attempt at copying the album cover or Rage Against the Machine’s ‘the Battle of Los Angeles’.  It’s actually appeared again, although slightly better, but now it’s part of the anti-war protesting, as opposed to the previous anti- education establishment stuff.


Onto the poll…


The results ended up being:


Grant – 2 votes

Brody – 1 vote

Rebus – 1 vote

Ferris – no votes

Peter the Bastard – 3 votes

The Dinobeast – 3 votes

The one in the background based on me – 2 votes

Howcome I haven’t been in the background? – no votes

That girl with the hair (no, not that one, the other one) – no votes


I’ll admit that I was taken aback with that, but I think I said that in a previous newspost.


Anyway, enough for now.  Peace Y’all…





The graffiti in today’s strip is loosely inspired by some that I actually saw last year.  I’ll be explaining more about that when I get the chance, as well as putting up the vote results.


Things are just kind of weird right now…





Sorry about the late update, but look up at the top of the page!  Yeah, that’s right, come back here Tuesday.  Updates now twice weekly.


I’ve taken down the link to the poll, thanks to all of you who voted.  I’ll talk more about that on Tuesday, I hope.


Also, a minor piece of news that amused the hell out of me; Someone recently confessed that she had been in a lift (an elevator to you non-Brits) with one of the lecturers of whom I hate (the one with the voice I bitched about in a previous newspost).  This close proximity and his behaviour at the time allowed her illusions to be shattered, so now she sees that I was right after all.


One at a time, one at a time…the truth shall set you free…








Fek!  I’m getting too far ahead of myself…  Time to deal with the stuff I should have dealt with yesterday…


First things first, Dinobeast named, and the people who named him got to appear as a wee prize.  Smile David & Gillian!


Now, the more serious issue is the archives.  They appear to be dead for the time being, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the good folks at Keenspace do.  Could be worse, go see Drawing A Blank and see how much worse!  Skippy, hang in there man!


The other big issue is the new WUS Yahoo Group.  I’ve decided to try this and see if people like it any better than the forum.  So, if you’re on Yahoo, feel free to join.




Righty ho!  The whole “Naming of Dinobeast” event is set for tomorrow, so, Rejoyce!


The poll, the poll, the poll  The poll…you’re all bit mad, aren’t you?  Here I am, pouring years of hatred into making evil beings based on actual buggers that have menaced me in the education system over the years, and you lot think the Avatar of Evil is great ?


It’s surely some kind of madness… 


One of the most recent inspirations for further evil lecturerdom has a kind of following amongst the girls in his department.  They’d all clamour over one another to do naughty things to him, even though he’s an evil spectre, inflicting psychic wounds on the just people of the land.


Apparently it’s his voice  more like the Call of Cthulu  Anyway, he’s neck and neck with the freshly named Dinobeast for now, so we’ll see how it goes…


Also, I added Scary Go Round to the links on the left.  Good stuff, have a look.




Arg!  When I made the poll the first time I did something to it, which caused it not to work.  If you voted when the actual vote was attached to this page it won’t have counted, because I’m inept at HTML.  I change it so that now you have to click on the link below.  It’s safe now that it’s out of my hands.


Go on, give it a click:

Wake Up Screaming Character Poll




A minor update to correct some stuff in the strip.  Don’t you think that it would make a good online test?  Heaven knows there aren’t enough of those for my liking…




Erp!  Yeah, a late update, but look at the size of that thing…  I was already late with it when I hit upon the idea to add two extra panels.


Amongst the reasons I was late was that I’d been on a big Michael Moore trip recently.  I bought his book, Stupid White Men, after seeing the documentary Bowling For Columbine a couple of months back, and if I didn’t get a few extra white hairs from reading that, then I must be more resilient than I thought (not that the film is easy going either).


My friend David got me a copy of Moore’s previous book Downsize This: Random Thoughts From An Unarmed American as a Christmas present.  I had just finished Stupid White Men and was beginning Downsize This between classes, and gave Graeme Stupid.  His reactions were pretty much the same as mine.  Hell, he was apparently reading bits out to his flatmates he was so outraged and shocked at the contents. 


So, with everyone in this kind of mood, and since only David and I had seen it thus far, it was only right to go see Bowling For Columbine again.


David put some thoughts about it all when we first saw the film.  His thoughts can be found on this page, just scroll down to the entry for the 27th.  I expect Graeme will put up some ramblings on the subject over the weekend.   I’ll keep you posted.


Jeez, my newsposts are turning into a Blog after all…  Do I feel up to blathering on at length about these topics, and others? …….naaah…not just now anyways.


I still haven’t had a chance to complete the naming of the Dinobeast.  Things have been busy lately – between course work, births, jobs and the occasional goof-off I never got to try and make anything for Tuesday, so updates other than Fridays are still to be considered bonuses done on the ever reliable “whenever I feel like it” schedule.




Most of you probably missed the fact that there have been two updates this week.  The first comic of this week went up on Tuesday, and is a follow on to last Friday’s story.  Today’s super cheery effort goes out to all those worrying about upcoming exams.  Those of you who don’t…well, I dunno, gloat or be sympathetic.  One last thing regarding last Friday’s strip.  Contrary to the beliefs of some, THEY ARE NOT IN FORMATION!  HA-HA!  There’s a height difference!  You two in the back!, yeah, you know who I’m talking about.  I’m talking to YOU!


I might try making the twice weekly update a regular thing.  I’ll keep you advised.


Our Dinobeast has got a name.  Given time, I may actually tell you what it is.  Expect it to be unveiled soon.





Excuse the late in the day update, I too have a killer cold.  See what happens when you sleep for less than 3 hours out of 36 – your immune system will be easy prey!





A friend recently suggested I start up a Blog.  Sheesh, don’t be daft.  Meanwhile, this extra big newspost will have to do him…  (Blog, geez, what next?, a webcam?_


As you can see, I’ve joined Geekspace, run by Skippy from Drawing A Blank (who’s currently in the midst of the scheme to end all schemes as far as I can see).  As the Deadites generally say, “JOIN US!”  Thanks to Shay Caron for helping me out with my technical inability.


I was tempted to run a “Name the Dinobeast Contest” when he first appeared, but then I remembered that I didn’t have a prize.  Still, if anyone would like to make a suggestion, feel free to send it to me at the usual address. 


Also, due to a colouring mistake, there appear to be two of them…either that or he’s got some kind of chameleonic tendency (which would be ok with me, as I had a third colour scheme for him I preferred, but it didn’t look Godzilla-esque enough for me…).


There’s been some thinking regarding forums, and whether or not I really need it, let alone if the one I have is actually any good...  I actually like having it, it’s just that, well, it’s a bit crappy.  The real question is: what would I replace it with?  Again, suggestions welcome.





Just for grins, my friend David interviewed me one night.  The final product can be found on his Blog.  I think this link here should take you to the actual interview.  The top half of the page has part 2, where I talk about WUS, the first part below it is just some basic interview stuff.  It was quite fun, I hope that I get a chance to do something like it again.





New Contact Info – any mail for me relating to WUS can go to:  progressive_mutations@NOSPAMyahoo.co.uk (just remember to delete the NOSPAM bit!)





Blah!, excuse any spelling mistakes and the like.  Anyone got any opinions on this change? Anyone?, anyone?, anyone?  Use the forum, and make a little boy’s dream come true.





Right, my brief hiatus (you did check the forum, right?) is coming to an end, but only so I can try something out.  Feedback would be very much appreciated.  This isn’t how I intended to continue for the strip, but I feel that it’s time I made a few changes, so, for a wee while let's try this…





Sigh, another case of Postal Traumatic Stress Disorder, if anyone needs me, I'll be asleep. As for the comic, please accept my apologies, and come back Friday...





Today's strip is actually based on real events occurring over this weekend. I've been feeling ill most of last week, so there may be a connection...or not. All I know is I felt like some crazed yuppie brushing my teeth with Volvic Mineral Water...


Someone asked me about the WUS cast appearances in BPC's "Obvious Parody" storyline recently, as I didn't link to them very well last time, so here:


Obvious Parody - the full thing - our guys can be found here:


Side Order Of Blasters - That Buys A Lot Of Comic Books Y'know...


Big THANKS once again to Brian for being such a cool guy. When I remember, I'll add his April Fools comic into the archive, as I forgot to do it before.





I'm really sorry about missing last week. I've been so exhausted from work lately it's been hard to do anything. I meant to try and do it late on Monday after work, but I fell asleep, so I just decided to take a week off. Hopefully, this won't be the start of a trend.





Arg!, LATE AGAIN! Sorry! I just started a new job and got hit by a bucket of overtime. Will try and have something up later tonight as soon as I recover my wits.





I'm quite busy with my exams just now, and I think that this will be the last Thursday update. As of Next week, I'll be making Monday's my regular update day, assuming everything goes to plan... Check the forum on Monday to see what's happening if it seems I haven't updated. Thanks!






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