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Name: Grant Aykroyd Weiss


Status: Student (Disgruntled)

Skills: Brain can hold unlimited useless trivia, but nothing of real value.

Comic book junkie and haircut dodger. Grasp on reality is dubious at best, not helped by hostile college environment. Not uncommon for fantasy life to intrude on reality.  His rich internal fantasy life helps him fend off the occasional bout of stark raving reality.

Name: Brody Howard

Status: Student (Disgruntled)

Skills: Master of all fighting games, as humiliated opponents in local arcade will attest to.

Staunch SEGA and SNK supporter, when sober that is. Requires a carefully managed balance of booze and gaming to handle the education system. Has been known at exam time to challenge exam board to face him in a showdown in the arcades instead of resits.

Name: Sam Rebus

Status: When he finds out he'll tell you

Skills: Can pass any subject, as long as he can complain while he does it.

Bitter survivor of the education system recently turfed out into the real world with only a qualification for comfort.  Unwilling to settle for any old job to tide him over ‘till he can pursue a proper career, Rebus languishes in unemployment.  Operates on a hair-trigger when he isn’t drunk.  Jealous of Ferris, but usually sides with him against Grant and Brody’s slacker ethos.

Name: Ferris Hughes Donnelly

Status: Employed

Skills: Damn good with computer software.

Pays the bills with his mad programming skills. Collects DVD's like squirrels collect nuts. Owns a powerful computer, which the others abuse given half a chance. Being the most successful person in the flat does have it’s down sides ‘though…  Slightly resented by Rebus because of the whole 'employment' thing and mocked by Grant and Brody for having a work ethic. 


Name: Rosalyn Young

Status: Student

Skills: Can smell a single male from distances of up to 150 yards.

Upon inspection of her dictionary, one would not be surprised to learn that the word “subtle” is missing.  Plans to be a prosecutor, despite warnings that declaring “he bloody well did it” do not constitute proof beyond reasonable doubt.

Name: Jane Morgenstern

Status: Student

Skills: Can pass any subject, as long as she can fret loudly while she does it.


Known around campus as “Xena: Worrier Princess”.  Jane is one of those people who worry constantly, despite the fact that she is obviously very capable.  Like a more nervous version of Rebus when he was a student, except that she has better people skills.

Name: Dana Kirby

Status: Student

Skills: Can find anything funny.

If Dana succeeds in completing college, it’ll probably be down to the help of Karen, who has more than enough level-headedness for the both of them.  It’s not that Dana is a total ditz, it’s more that she has no clue where to begin, and has a knack for getting distracted that can put Grant to shame.

Name: Karen Miranda Harker

Status: Student

Skills: Immune to work related stress.


Occasionally denounced as evil by the others because she actually enjoys her subject.  Rarely worries about anything.  With her easy-going nature, she often steers Dana and Jane away from mental breakdowns and mishaps.


Name: Peter the Bastard

Status: College Lecturer/Aspect of Evil

The ENEMY, or at least one part of it. One of the many faceless, hooded faculty members who make education a living nightmare. Remember G.I.Joe?, imagine having Cobra Commander for a lecturer.

Name: Aloysius the Chameleonic Bastard AKA The Dinobeast

Status: College Weapon Of Terror

Skills: Can change skin colour and can breathe green fire.

It’s a giant mutant dinosaur.  It’s evil.  And it’s eating your essays for fun.

Name: Colonel Strang

Status: Commander of the College’s troopers.

Skills: Trained to be professionally unpleasant.

Name: Shock Troopers

Status: Hired Thuggery

Skills: Marching, goose-stepping, parading, spit-shining and hippy-beating.


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